The amazing Steve Oniki

Okay, your Siesta Keyster is not a patient man. After 20 minutes of listening to almost anyone who’s in a presentation mode, the Keyster is one squirming dude. In the corporate world, I used to be gripped with fear when an MBA would stroll to the podium, stick his jump drive into the computer, click on the PPT and launch into a 45-minute stem-winder about how he was going to turn a fading brand into a superstar. Just the thought of somebody with a one-hour slot on an agenda makes my bladder overflow. You’ll find me in the back row seat so I can slide outta here.

Not yesterday. Our church brought in Steve Oniki, who makes his living giving motivational speeches to groups both large and small. Steve was there to talk about “Focusing on your gift.” That is, discovering the gifts that God gave to each person… and then using that gift in your career and in life. I knew that Steve had two hours but I presumed that he’d have breakout sessions, a “bio stop” half way through, and other pauses in the action. Nope, he began shortly after 9 a.m. When he wrapped up to a standing ovation from the 45 people in the room, I thought: what a great speaker and he only used half his time slot. Then I glanced at the clock: 11:15. If you ever get a chance to hear this guy, change your schedule, bring everyone you can find and go. Here’s a little more about Steve.


One Response to “The amazing Steve Oniki”

  1. Brian Combs Says:

    I attended a seminar by Mr. Oniki years ago. He’s a truly incredible man. I’m a 2/3/4, as I learned. 🙂

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