NY Times to Prez: ‘We’ve got your back’

Paul Krugman of the New York Times has outdone himself. In a column that doesn’t appear to be intended as comedy, the columnist and holder of an award that has never, ever gone to a free-market, pro-America conservative (the Nobel prize) Krugman now has decided that deficits are actually good for America. I’m not making this up.

As the Obama administration has piled on trillions of dollars in debt in an orgy of spending never before seen in the U.S., Krugman is telling his few remaining readers to “don’t worry, be happy” about the federal deficit. In fact, the esteemed writer for the fading liberal outpost has determined that we need to spend a whole lot more money, especially to nationalize the world’s best health care system. Not only that, Krugman contends that the massive deficits rolled up by Dear Leader and his Keynesian pals worldwide “saved the world.”

'Spend all you want Barry, we're with you!'

'Spend all you want Barry, we're with you!'

But, Krugman solemnly intones in his new NY Times howler, there is a worry about the deficit: those evil Republicans and conservatives will use it to insult Dear Leader. And there’s our economics lesson for the day from Krugman. Deficits under Republicans, bad. Deficits under Democrats, excellent, just as long as they’re growing exponentially larger by the month.

The fed debt by the end of 2009 is expected to be some $12.9 trillion… nearly $2 trillion more than 2008. And that’s before the Dems ram through socialized medicine, which will pile at least another couple trillion onto that each year, forever and ever.

Here’s the sad part. Krugman knows basic economics. He knows full well that the having 25% of our GDP going to the Chinese and Japanese to service a debt is terribly damaging to the U.S. But the Times is so blinded by its devotion to Obama that it is willing to print such a whopper just to give Dear Leader cover.


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