Students to Obama: ‘I pledge allegiance to the President, and to the social justice for which he stands…’

So now we have the truly frightening plan for President Obama to address all school-age children on Tuesday, September 8. I don’t know about you, but the idea of this President speaking to tens of millions of government-school captives about his view of America makes me think of one word: “vouchers.” This entire scheme reminds the Keyster of China, North Korea and Hussein’s Iraq where uniformed students each morning salute a heroic drawing of their beloved tyrant.

From all indications, this will be a typical campaign event for Team Obama. Dear Leader will try to rally his impressionable students to support a world where the government provides all healthcare, where the polar bears are saved from our SUVs, and where every American has the opportunity to live as a witless ward of the state. Just to be sure that the students get it, the Department of Indoctrination, oops, Education has provided teachers with “lesson plans.” Activities such as students pledging to support BHO every day and asking others to hold them accountable for his agenda are included.

Leading the post-speech indoc will be the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association, the teachers’ union which pumped millions getting Dear Leader and the Democrat Congress elected. What could go wrong?

Finally, a pledge of Allegiance worthy of this President's support

Finally, a pledge of Allegiance worthy of this President's support

Just to speed up the process, the Keyster helpfully offers a Pledge of Allegiance more appropriate to the reign of Obama:

“I pledge allegiance, to Barack Hussein Obama, ruler of the United States of America, and to social justice for which he stands, Dear Leader, infallible, with liberty to support Him in all He does.”

If you happen to have a child in public school, the Keyster recommends you check to see if your school is participating in this debacle. If it is, Tuesday is a wonderful to call in sick.


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