If you’re an American ally, be nervous, very nervous…

President Obama has finally gotten tough in his foreign relations. After months of passivity and coddling dictators, terrorists and assorted thugs on every continent, Dear Leader has had enough. He is threatening to use every tool at America’s disposal, from economic sanctions to the implied threat of military force.

Unfortunately, the two nations that have earned BHO’s extreme displeasure just happen to be our strongest allies in their respective regions. Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, and Honduras have been singled out by Obama for harsh criticism and threatened with a whole lot more.

The Keyster is showing his age here, but in the early days of the Superman comics, the Man of Steel would find himself in a parallel universe known as Bizarro where everything was the exact opposite of earth and Superman was a super-baddie. Welcome to Obama’s Planet Bizarro: where allies are enemies and where Israel is the only nation we need to worry about in the tinderbox of the Middle East.

'We've got to stop these democracies before it gets out of hand'

'We've got to stop these democracies before they get out of hand'

Israel’s offense, other than its mere existence, is that it wants to continue building homes for its people on its own land. Call in the B1B bombers! This naked act of aggression was condemned on Friday by Obama’s spokesman Bobby GIbbs thusly: “The U.S. does not accept the legitimacy of continuing settlement expansion and we urge it to stop.”

This from a White House that declared the sham “election” in Iran just peachy and that has opened high-level talks with terrorist nation Syria. Obama’s only regret in the Middle East is that Scotland beat him to the draw in releasing a jihadist convicted of killing 270 civilians. You can’t win them all Barry!

Meanwhile, Obama is withholding visas for Honduran officials, and is about to stop aid and impose sanctions. The heinous crime of the Honduran government? Enforcing its laws. This behavior has got to stop!

It all began in June when Honduran President Manuel Zelaya wanted to illegally hold an election that would make him the Hugo Chavez of Honduras. The small, democratic nation shockingly followed its Constitution and acted to preserve law and order. Its Supreme Court issued an order to arrest Zelaya, he was deported, the next-in-line to the Presidency assumed that post (who just happens to be a member of Zelaya’s own party). So all was well? Not quite.

The idea of a nation not wanting to have a freedom-choking dictator-for-life such as Chavez or Castro was too much for Obama. Ever since June he has been conspiring with Chavez and his allies to illegally return Zeyala to the presidency.

In the Superman comics, Clark Kent always managed to escape from Bizarro to fight another day. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2010 and the midterm elections to have any chance of weakening the grip of Obama as he makes the world an ever more dangerous place.


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