Labor Day 2009: Team Obama celebrates as ‘just’ 216,000 lost their jobs during August

The Obama Official Communications Grid (led by NY Times, WaPo and ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN) last week trumpeted the latest dismal employment numbers as proof that the economy is on the mend. It may be just the Keyster’s faulty memory, but I recall that when unemployment was below 4% under President Bush, the media continually shrieked about any tiny blip in job losses.

Yet here we are, Labor Day 2009, and the data are frightening. 9.7% unemployment, a 27-year high. 2.2 million people have lost their jobs since President Obama took office in January. Anybody remember when Congress had to pass the bloated “stimulus” bill to prevent unemployment from going above 8%? Gibby’s playmates at the daily media pep-rally seem to have forgotten.

So how does the Prez plan to celebrate this Labor Day? That’s right, let’s appoint another “czar.” Yes, in line with that great American tradition of Labor Day, Dear Leader today will name Ron Bloom manufacturing “czar” to ensure that ever more jobs are outsourced to India, China and Asia. There’s nothing like more government control to keep our industrial base in decline!

'Hope and change' collides with basic economics

'Hope and change' collides with basic economics

It’s hard to blame businesses from cutting back and not re-hiring. After all, they’re looking down a double barrel of trouble from Dear leader: massive energy taxes from the “cap and tax” bill that will further tip the scales in favor of third-world production, and health-care mandates that will impose huge burdens on small employers, particularly.

If the Prez wanted to reduce unemployment to where it was under President Bush, he could start tomorrow. Declare he will veto “cap and tax.” Announce the suspension of business taxes (ours are the second highest in the developed world) for the rest of 2009. Cancel the pending spending in the “stimulus” bill. And just end his proposal to nationalize the best health care system in the world. That’s all it would take.


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