How can you tell when the President is lying?

So the Prez made his, what, 212th major speech on “health care reform” last night, this time to a joint session of Congress. What is it about BHO that he thinks he has to do something dramatic (at least in his eyes, and in the doe eyes of his media admirers) every single day? I don’t know about you, but the Keyster is so deep into Dear Leader Fatigue (DLF) that when he hears Barry’s strange speech inflections, he switches the radio or television channel as fast as technology permits.

Last night, the Keyster was at a funeral for a wonderful member of our church who has gone to be with the Lord. It was an inspiring celebration of this man’s legacy. As I left the church at 8:45 p.m., the car radio came to life with President Obama’s desperate attempt to salvage his government’s trashing of the best health care system in the world. I managed to listen for less than a minute before DLF overwhelmed me, and I switched to smooth jazz as an antidote.

In those few agonizing seconds, the Keyster heard these whoppers:
–Barry won’t sign a bill that adds “one dime” to the deficit. Even the Democrat-led Congressional Budget Office says the House bill contains exactly zero savings, and will pile trillions onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. The entire premise, the government can run anything more efficiently than the private sector, is theater of the absurd (starring Barney Frank as “Dorothy” and Henry Waxman as “Tinman”).
— It’s all Bush’s fault. That’s right. After nearly eight months of unprecedented incompetence and outright anti-American actions, Barry is still blaming all his problems on Bush/Chaney/Halliburton. Record deficit? Bush. Runaway spending? Bush. Record unemployment? Bush. Tiger Woods not winning a major this year? All W’s fault.

'I'll give everyone, including illegals, taxpayer-subsidized health care and we'll save money too!'

'I'll give everyone, including illegals, taxpayer-subsidized health care and we'll save money too!'

Here’s the math. Americans overwhelming don’t want this turkey jammed down their throats. A poll released hours before Dear Leader addressed his subjects last night showed support for socialized medicine dropping faster than Ted Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick. The unions, Nancy Pelosi and the New York Times are in favor. Guess who comes out ahead in this equation? Sorry about that folks, but it’s really time for granny to go to hospice so we can finance abortions for illegals!


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