9/11… a tale of Professor John Paul, and the New York Times

Eight years ago, Islamists murdered nearly 3,000 people in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. People were slaughtered as they sipped their morning coffee at their desks, rode in airplanes to see relatives, and as they ran into flaming buildings to save their fellow citizens.

On that horrible September day, the Keyster drove from Philadelphia to an early meeting in New Jersey. By the time I rode an elevator to the top floor for my meeting, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were ablaze across the river. When I left an hour later in a daze, the towers were no longer visible from New Brunswick. And the United States was at war against a cowardly enemy… an enemy that targets civilians, that hides in mosques, that uses women and children to shield themselves from those who oppose their evil plans to enslave the world with their twisted religion.

Today, the Keyster dropped one of the clan off at the local community college for Western Civilization class. As we were driving back, I heard a story that made me proud of the State College of Florida (formerly known as Manatee Community College).

Professor John Paul devoted his entire lecture and discussion today to 9/11. He called the murderers what they are. He did not use the prosperity and success of the United States to in any way justify what the terrorists did that day. He demanded that his students understand the significance of the war that erupted that day and will continue until the Islamists are killed or subdued. He showed photos. He detailed the number of people who were murdered. He lectured with passion and purpose. The Keyster can only hope that other teachers and professors nationwide used this occasion as did Prof. Paul.

Unfortunately, the New York Times today reached ever lower in its contempt for the United States. This is a real headline in this morning’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune, which is owned by the NYT: “It’s a difficult day, especially for Muslims.” The outrageous story talks about how tough it is for Muslims living in the U.S. to cope with their hurt feelings because they think people frown on them on 9/11. This will give you a taste: “…U.S. Muslims still struggle through the anniversary of the attacks. Yes, the sting has lessened.” It goes on to quote numerous Muslims about the perceived insults they receive on 9/11.

I don’t know about you, but the Keyster prefers to worry about the people who lost their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, sons, daughters and friends on that awful day. And to pray for the members of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and their reservists, who at this very moment are risking their lives taking the fight to the enemy on their own soil.


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