Not to worry: Our President is not ignoring the small stuff while he’s wrecking the economy and abdicating our leadership role internationally

While President Obama has been occupied this week in his new role as head of the UN, it’s gratifying to learn that he’s not letting the little things slip by. Behind the scenes, his czars and commissars are busy as little Che Guavaras in their service to Dear Leader. Yes, while BHO is ridding the world of nuclear weapons, restoring the icebergs, nationalizing the best healthcare system in the world and enacting a global ban on Barry Manilow songs, progress is happening on other fronts.

The Keyster is seriously displeased that he, along with everyone else in the U.S., is forking over a half billion fun tickets to an upstart electric car company that has never produced a single car. It gets worse. The recipient of the $529 million, Fisker Automotive, is backed by everyone’s favorite greenie with a Gulfstream… drum roll please… Al Gore.

'The future of motoring in Obama's world!'

'At last, cars we can all aspire to, and save the planet at the same time!'

Fisker is getting our money to develop an electric car that even with serious taxpayer subsidies will sell for $89,000. They are accepting deposits, but you’ll be in line behind Leo DeCaprio, Susan Sarandon and other Hollywood elites who need to solidify their green cred. Naturally, the fact that Democrat Party contributors are behind the entire effort has nothing to do with the largesse, according to Dear Leader’s Department of Energy.

So let’s tally the government involvement in the U.S. car business. GM (Government Motors), owned by the unions and the feds. Chrysler, owned by the unions and the feds. Fisker, bankrolled by the feds. British company Tesla Motors (which wants to sell a $109,000 electric car), bankrolled by the U.S. If I was on the Board of Directors of Ford, I’d be slapping “Hope and Change” stickers on every new Focus and be ready for an ‘offer you can’t refuse’ from Rahm.


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