Hollywood and socialism: ‘We love it, just don’t touch my Gulfstream and Bentley’

No matter where the Keyster turned on the television spectrum this weekend, he was pummeled by ads for Michael Moore’s latest mock-u-mentary, Capitalism, a Love Story. The corpulent, paranoid director’s latest is said by his adoring press to be a ‘withering’ examination of capitalism, replete with plenty of his trademark stunts that were cute back in his Roger and Me days in the early 1900s.

'Capitalism is so bad, I barely get enough to eat!'

'Capitalism is so bad, I barely get enough to eat!'

Yes, we all know most Hollywood types hate America the way it is. But what is it with people like Moore, who live like royalty yet profess to love socialism and its attendant dictators? Are they that convinced that if America were to go the way of Venezuela or Cuba (no longer unthinkable based on the past nine months), they would be among the 1% of people to be favored with material bounty? Or would they join the rest of the hapless populous to wallow in government-enforced poverty?

As far as I can tell, here’s Moore’s thinking: if I dress like I’m homeless, nobody will notice that I have houses in Beverly Hills and Aspen, own my own jet, have a $100 million stock portfolio, and eat at Spago so often I have a gut the size of a manatee. And boy do I hate capitalism, viva la revolution!

No doubt his new movie will open big this weekend. There are plenty of wealthy people and the feeble minded who buy into Moore’s fantasies, such as 9/11 being an inside job and socialism is just a cuddly place where everybody gets free health care and a spot on the red carpet at the Emmys. Luckily, under our system at the moment, Moore can say what he wishes and bank the riches from those who share his viewpoint. That’s the free market.

Who knows? If you say enough malicious things about the United States you might even get to sit next to Jimmy Carter at the 2012 Democrat National Convention!


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