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Labor Day 2009: Team Obama celebrates as ‘just’ 216,000 lost their jobs during August

September 7, 2009

The Obama Official Communications Grid (led by NY Times, WaPo and ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN) last week trumpeted the latest dismal employment numbers as proof that the economy is on the mend. It may be just the Keyster’s faulty memory, but I recall that when unemployment was below 4% under President Bush, the media continually shrieked about any tiny blip in job losses.

Yet here we are, Labor Day 2009, and the data are frightening. 9.7% unemployment, a 27-year high. 2.2 million people have lost their jobs since President Obama took office in January. Anybody remember when Congress had to pass the bloated “stimulus” bill to prevent unemployment from going above 8%? Gibby’s playmates at the daily media pep-rally seem to have forgotten.

So how does the Prez plan to celebrate this Labor Day? That’s right, let’s appoint another “czar.” Yes, in line with that great American tradition of Labor Day, Dear Leader today will name Ron Bloom manufacturing “czar” to ensure that ever more jobs are outsourced to India, China and Asia. There’s nothing like more government control to keep our industrial base in decline!

'Hope and change' collides with basic economics

'Hope and change' collides with basic economics

It’s hard to blame businesses from cutting back and not re-hiring. After all, they’re looking down a double barrel of trouble from Dear leader: massive energy taxes from the “cap and tax” bill that will further tip the scales in favor of third-world production, and health-care mandates that will impose huge burdens on small employers, particularly.

If the Prez wanted to reduce unemployment to where it was under President Bush, he could start tomorrow. Declare he will veto “cap and tax.” Announce the suspension of business taxes (ours are the second highest in the developed world) for the rest of 2009. Cancel the pending spending in the “stimulus” bill. And just end his proposal to nationalize the best health care system in the world. That’s all it would take.


If you’re an American ally, be nervous, very nervous…

September 5, 2009

President Obama has finally gotten tough in his foreign relations. After months of passivity and coddling dictators, terrorists and assorted thugs on every continent, Dear Leader has had enough. He is threatening to use every tool at America’s disposal, from economic sanctions to the implied threat of military force.

Unfortunately, the two nations that have earned BHO’s extreme displeasure just happen to be our strongest allies in their respective regions. Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, and Honduras have been singled out by Obama for harsh criticism and threatened with a whole lot more.

The Keyster is showing his age here, but in the early days of the Superman comics, the Man of Steel would find himself in a parallel universe known as Bizarro where everything was the exact opposite of earth and Superman was a super-baddie. Welcome to Obama’s Planet Bizarro: where allies are enemies and where Israel is the only nation we need to worry about in the tinderbox of the Middle East.

'We've got to stop these democracies before it gets out of hand'

'We've got to stop these democracies before they get out of hand'

Israel’s offense, other than its mere existence, is that it wants to continue building homes for its people on its own land. Call in the B1B bombers! This naked act of aggression was condemned on Friday by Obama’s spokesman Bobby GIbbs thusly: “The U.S. does not accept the legitimacy of continuing settlement expansion and we urge it to stop.”

This from a White House that declared the sham “election” in Iran just peachy and that has opened high-level talks with terrorist nation Syria. Obama’s only regret in the Middle East is that Scotland beat him to the draw in releasing a jihadist convicted of killing 270 civilians. You can’t win them all Barry!

Meanwhile, Obama is withholding visas for Honduran officials, and is about to stop aid and impose sanctions. The heinous crime of the Honduran government? Enforcing its laws. This behavior has got to stop!

It all began in June when Honduran President Manuel Zelaya wanted to illegally hold an election that would make him the Hugo Chavez of Honduras. The small, democratic nation shockingly followed its Constitution and acted to preserve law and order. Its Supreme Court issued an order to arrest Zelaya, he was deported, the next-in-line to the Presidency assumed that post (who just happens to be a member of Zelaya’s own party). So all was well? Not quite.

The idea of a nation not wanting to have a freedom-choking dictator-for-life such as Chavez or Castro was too much for Obama. Ever since June he has been conspiring with Chavez and his allies to illegally return Zeyala to the presidency.

In the Superman comics, Clark Kent always managed to escape from Bizarro to fight another day. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2010 and the midterm elections to have any chance of weakening the grip of Obama as he makes the world an ever more dangerous place.

Students to Obama: ‘I pledge allegiance to the President, and to the social justice for which he stands…’

September 2, 2009

So now we have the truly frightening plan for President Obama to address all school-age children on Tuesday, September 8. I don’t know about you, but the idea of this President speaking to tens of millions of government-school captives about his view of America makes me think of one word: “vouchers.” This entire scheme reminds the Keyster of China, North Korea and Hussein’s Iraq where uniformed students each morning salute a heroic drawing of their beloved tyrant.

From all indications, this will be a typical campaign event for Team Obama. Dear Leader will try to rally his impressionable students to support a world where the government provides all healthcare, where the polar bears are saved from our SUVs, and where every American has the opportunity to live as a witless ward of the state. Just to be sure that the students get it, the Department of Indoctrination, oops, Education has provided teachers with “lesson plans.” Activities such as students pledging to support BHO every day and asking others to hold them accountable for his agenda are included.

Leading the post-speech indoc will be the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association, the teachers’ union which pumped millions getting Dear Leader and the Democrat Congress elected. What could go wrong?

Finally, a pledge of Allegiance worthy of this President's support

Finally, a pledge of Allegiance worthy of this President's support

Just to speed up the process, the Keyster helpfully offers a Pledge of Allegiance more appropriate to the reign of Obama:

“I pledge allegiance, to Barack Hussein Obama, ruler of the United States of America, and to social justice for which he stands, Dear Leader, infallible, with liberty to support Him in all He does.”

If you happen to have a child in public school, the Keyster recommends you check to see if your school is participating in this debacle. If it is, Tuesday is a wonderful to call in sick.

NY Times to Prez: ‘We’ve got your back’

September 1, 2009

Paul Krugman of the New York Times has outdone himself. In a column that doesn’t appear to be intended as comedy, the columnist and holder of an award that has never, ever gone to a free-market, pro-America conservative (the Nobel prize) Krugman now has decided that deficits are actually good for America. I’m not making this up.

As the Obama administration has piled on trillions of dollars in debt in an orgy of spending never before seen in the U.S., Krugman is telling his few remaining readers to “don’t worry, be happy” about the federal deficit. In fact, the esteemed writer for the fading liberal outpost has determined that we need to spend a whole lot more money, especially to nationalize the world’s best health care system. Not only that, Krugman contends that the massive deficits rolled up by Dear Leader and his Keynesian pals worldwide “saved the world.”

'Spend all you want Barry, we're with you!'

'Spend all you want Barry, we're with you!'

But, Krugman solemnly intones in his new NY Times howler, there is a worry about the deficit: those evil Republicans and conservatives will use it to insult Dear Leader. And there’s our economics lesson for the day from Krugman. Deficits under Republicans, bad. Deficits under Democrats, excellent, just as long as they’re growing exponentially larger by the month.

The fed debt by the end of 2009 is expected to be some $12.9 trillion… nearly $2 trillion more than 2008. And that’s before the Dems ram through socialized medicine, which will pile at least another couple trillion onto that each year, forever and ever.

Here’s the sad part. Krugman knows basic economics. He knows full well that the having 25% of our GDP going to the Chinese and Japanese to service a debt is terribly damaging to the U.S. But the Times is so blinded by its devotion to Obama that it is willing to print such a whopper just to give Dear Leader cover.