Barry’s new budget: ‘Don’t worry about the record deficit, I’ll just blame it on the Republicans!’

Our President today unveiled his budget for fiscal 2011 and it’s a beauty — a record $1.6 trillion deficit, looming tax hikes and a Draconian list of new federal programs that will do nothing except grow the number of government workers. Just another day in the reign of Barack Obama.

'Tim tells me I can keep spending, he'll just print more money. Isn't Washington terrific?'

Yep, Obama proposes to spend $3.8 trillion knowing he’s got, at best, $2.2 trillion coming in. Can you imagine if you or the Keyster tried to run a business like that? “Yessir, we’re gonna sell $2,200 worth of alligator jerky this year and I’ll only spend $3,800 doin’ it!” It doesn’t require an MBA from the Harvard School of Business to know that this will turn out poorly.

After his State of the Union spectacle, where BHO postured as a fiscal conservative, the reality has hit the coffers… and soon our pocketbooks. But Obama and his Democrat colleagues assure us that all is well because there’s a “jobs” bill tucked inside that will assuredly cause every business owner to dust off the “Now Hiring” signs they put away after Bush left office.

And just how does Obama plan to create jobs after spending his first year doing everything possible to destroy them? We need look no further than the Keyster’s home state of Florida.

Barry showed up in Tampa late last week with Joe Biden in tow to announce that they wanted to spend $2 billion on… a new train! Anytime Barack hauls Joe along it’s a sign that he’s truly desperate (see: the offensive Beer Summit on Race Relations). The reason Biden came was because he’s an authority on rail transit, the Prez said. Joe takes the Amtrak from Delaware to the District so he must know how to make a buck in railroading.

'Joe's ridden Amtrak several times and not only had fun, the government reinbursed him for his ticket!'

Anyway, the $2 billion would be “seed money” for an 80-mile high-speed rail system connecting Tampa with Orlando. The entire project will cost tens of billions to build, and billions more each year in taxpayer subsidies for the simple reason that nobody will ride it.

No matter, Obama said, it’s actually about all the jobs — union jobs — that this will create.

To our President, the U.S. private sector, which is shrinking like a $3 suit left too long in the dryer, is a big nuisance. The only way to create jobs is to fund massive public works programs and add more government workers. Therefore, using our money to build something that nobody wants and that will suck up money in perpetuity is a splendid “jobs” program.

The idea is so ridiculous that even Governor Charlie Crist, who RINO-smooched the Prez a year ago, treated him like a leper during the Tampa press conference.

The irresponsibility of Obama and his lefty buds in Congress is breathtaking. While the Keyster is always appreciative of the great material, it’s not funny when you realize that our children and grandchildren will get stuck paying the bill for this mess.


One Response to “Barry’s new budget: ‘Don’t worry about the record deficit, I’ll just blame it on the Republicans!’”

  1. SB BamaFan Says:

    Dear Keyster,

    It is sad that you seem unable to comprehend the deep feelings that our Leader has for the fine state of Florida. Whereas an average president might give a state an electric train for Christmas that could only go around the tree; Our Beloved One wants y’all to have the real thing. How could that be bad? And stop the whining already about the paltry $2B seed money. This is mere chump change for a president that really wants to reach for the stars; and all for your benefit. You should be ashamed of yourself!!


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