Audi Super Bowl Ad: Eerie harbinger of where this country is heading?

The most frightening minute of yesterday’s Super Bowl, beside wondering whether 64-year old Pete Townshend of The Who would shatter his arthritic wrist during guitar windmills, was the Audi ad. For those who were in the kitchen reloading the guacamole and missed it, please pause this commentary, watch it, and then rejoin us.

The commercial for the “clean” Audi diesel features scenes of armed and uniformed officers arresting people for minor environmental offenses. Ask for plastic bags in the grocery store? You’re heading to jail. Forget to recycle or compost? Jack-booted eco-police will crash into your home and haul you off. Drink your coffee from a foam cup? You could be shot.

The Keyster was certain that the ad was brilliantly crafted by the Republican Party to remind voters where the current administration is taking us. The “green” movement, at its most basic, is about the government telling people what it can and cannot do. And under the Obama regime and the Democrat Congress, the nanny state is growing at an alarming rate under the banner of environmentalism.

BHO: 'I got a lot of great ideas from the Audi ad!'

This President is constantly reminding us that we can’t drive SUVs, keep our homes pleasantly warm in the winter, or use incandescent light bulbs… not to mention that he has declared the very gasses we exhale with every breath to be highly toxic, and thus under the authority of bureaucrats in Washington. How long before the scenes in the ad become a reality throughout America?

So when the commercial was revealed as a promotion for a large and sporty auto, the Keyster was most surprised. In a broadcast larded with mostly tepid, gross, crass and lifeless ads, Audi’s Super Bowl piece was a stunner.

Here’s hoping that Audi continues this commercial in heavy rotation. It’s a prophetic look at where the relentless growth of government will lead. And unlike the car, it ain’t pretty.


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