Barack to America: ‘Hey, ObamaCare hasn’t wrecked the country yet. It’s gonna take a few years!’

Since bribing enough Congressmen to approve the nationalization of the best health care system in the world, our president has traveled the land in full campaign mode. He appears to have three motives:

1. Brand everyone who opposes ObamaCare as a radical, racist, knuckle-dragger who needs to be put in a re-education camp
2. Gleefully smirk that since the bill passed, American is still standing
3. Get out of working in Michelle’s vegetable garden during the spring planting

'Typical opponents of ObamaCare'

Yes, forget that every poll shows Americans overwhelmingly despise ObamaCare and the Democrat Congress. The problem, according to our Dear Leader, is us.

If only we were more enlightened, we’d see the beauty that will come when all of our needs are met by Washington. From womb to tomb (and with Bart Stupak’s federally guaranteed abortion coverage, this could be a really short time), Barack will be there as we settle into being a nation of enforced mediocrity.

In a corrupt process worthy of Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez, Barry-Harry-and-Nancy slimed their health care bill through Congress. Now, all that remains is convincing us to enjoy the ride down.

The most disingenuous part of Dear Leader’s campaign, besides the demonizing of Americans, is his contention that in the days after passage, America still looked like America.

“So after I signed the bill, I looked around,” the president said in Maine this week. “I looked up to the sky to see if asteroids were coming. I looked to the ground to see if cracks had opened up in the earth. You know what? It turned out to be a pretty nice day. Birds were still chirping. Folks were strolling down the street. Nobody lost their doctor. Nobody had pulled the plug on Granny. Nobody was being forced into some government plan,” Obama said.

'Henry's job is to make sure companies don't complain when they fork over their profits to fund ObamaCare'

The fact is we are like lobsters peacefully sitting in a pot of warm water which is slowly being heated toward boiling. It’s still pleasant. But eventually, we’ll be served for dinner to the bureaucrats who will soon stand between us and our doctors.

Although there are immediate deleterious effects to ObamaCare — witness the billions that our largest companies are having to pay, only to be savaged by Obama sycophants like Henry Waxman — we can rest assured that the worst is yet to come.

And, the Keyster doesn’t want to totally curdle your yogurt, but the passage of ObamaCare has emboldened our Dear Leader to inflict even more pain on us. Legalizing millions of illegals. The national energy tax backdoored through the EPA. The monstrous “consumer protection agency.” More and more federal government.


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