Barack: ‘It’s tough work running up a trillion dollar deficit in just seven months, we need another vacation!’

In Hollywood, you can always tell when the comedy scriptwriters have run out of ideas. Suddenly, a character will dart into the scene shouting something like: “Dad’s home!” or “Surf’s up!” or “Junior fell off a ladder!”

The focus then shifts to the merry chaos that needs to be resolved. Anyone who’s watched a Disney Channel series such as “Hannah Montana” or “Suite Life with Zach and Cody” experiences this technique every episode.

'I've asked Ken Salazar to heat up the ocean so we can go body surfing in Maine!'

And so it is with our president, Barack “Holiday” Obama. In this interminable tragicomedy, our hero has bankrupted a nation, institutionalized double digit unemployment, emboldened our enemies, accused U.S. citizens of racism and other nasty deeds, larded Washington with unaccountable radicals, sat by idly while the Gulf of Mexican is trashed, and fundamentally altered our form of government from capitalist to socialist.

Viewer fatigue has set in, big-time. The audience is ready to change the channel just as soon as they can get their hands on the remote this November. So what does the scriptwriter do? That’s right, time for a diversion!

“We’re going on vacation to Maine!” Michelle shouts as she and the girls dash into the scene, stage left. Our president, smiles, shrugs his shoulders, and next thing you know, Air Force One is jetting north.

'Air Force One sure beats the old station wagon when we go on vacation and I can bring my golf clubs and boogie board!'

What’s sure to ensure is a series of lighthearted adventures, complete with wisecracking sidekicks like Robert “Sneer” Gibbs, Rahm “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste” Emanuel and our newest lovable lib, Dr. Donald “Redistribute the Wealth” Berwick.

It’s sure to be a fun-filled weekend: Bar Harbor for ice cream, the fam strolling the rocky beaches, exploring Acadia National Park, eating lobster while wearing those goofy plastic bibs. They might even run into a love-struck moose! Ah shucks, Barry, Shelly and the girls are just regular folks!!

“But Keyster, but Keyster, aren’t you being unfair to our president?” you might be asking. After all, everyone needs a vacation and holding the title of “most powerful person in the world” does take its toll. Remember Bill Clinton? He walked into the White House like a pledge at Phi Delta Theta and eight years later looked like a 74-year old sex offender. Oops, sorry Bill, didn’t mean to add 10 years to your age!

Maybe we should all be grateful when our Dear Leader is away from Washington for his, oh, 27th vacation this year… despite his pledge last April that he wouldn’t rest until the Gulf of Mexico oil leak was fixed. The farther he is from Washington, the less likely he is to inflict even more damage to this country. Party on Barack!


One Response to “Barack: ‘It’s tough work running up a trillion dollar deficit in just seven months, we need another vacation!’”

  1. Janis Says:

    I think he’s about to institutionalize me…perhaps more than just me, by the way he’s totaling destroying our country. Keep at it Keyster!

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