Journalists to Barack: ‘You have our undying devotion and complete obedience!’

As Barry-Harry-Nancy continue their merry quest to Greece-ify the United States, the statists in Washington are secure of one thing: they can count on unwavering support from the nation’s “news” media.

Sure, they have their little spats; what lovers don’t? But the ardor between the “news” media and the Dems ranks among the great romances in history. The New York Times’ devotion to President Obama recalls Bogey and Bacall, Antony and Cleopatra… although Humphrey and Mark didn’t have the advantage of the internet to display their tenderness on a 24-hours news cycle.

The U.S. news media and Obama: a passionate love affair that will never die

There still may be a few dimwitted professors in second-tier journalism schools who cling to the pretense of an objective news media. But for most Americans, unbiased reporting has gone the way of carbon paper and the evidence for anthropomorphic global warming.

The recent revelations of the JournoList — 400 reporters and other elites who conspired to brand conservatives as racists and shield Obama from scandal — were about as surprising as Bill Clinton lying on the witness stand, Al Gore chasing massage therapists around his hotel room or Oliver Stone letting fly with an anti-Semitic screed.

As some readers may know, the Keyster is a journalism-school grad with three years experience as a reporter. This reportorial background is very helpful when this site garners exclusive interviews with President Barack “Holiday” Obama, Gov. Charlie “the Anti” Crist of Florida and other political aspirants.

We have personal insights into the thorough corruption of the news media, having witnessed once reputable outlets such as the Washington Post and CBS turn into public relations wings of the Democrat National Committee. So the disclosure that many of the nation’s “news” media were actively campaigning for Obama is as predictable as Sean Penn loving dictators.

'Reporters are great, they print whatever I tell them to!'

Typical question from NBC reporter to President George Bush, 2006: “Hey cowboy, when you gonna tell another lie about weapons of mass destruction?”

Typical questions from NBC reporter to President Obama, 2010: “Mr. President, may you live forever, why are the evil Republicans preventing you from making this nation great? How may we, your humble servants, help you achieve your goals?”

Honestly, it’s been sad to watch America’s daily papers fade into total irrelevance, foundering in a sea of red ink. But it’s exciting to know that anyone with a computer can go to websites such as the Drudge Report, Hot Air and Fox News and find out for themselves what is happening. The monopoly the mainstream media once had is gone, and the libs do not like this.

They and their supporters in Congress and the White House are becoming desperate as voters turn in droves against their socialist agenda. There is serious talk inside the Beltway of the feds stepping in and bailing out newspapers, turning them into wards of the state like NPR, taxpayer funded and unaccountable.

The left also would love to emulate its hero Hugo Chavez and use the raw power of the state to silence the Rush Limbaughs and Michelle Malkins of the world via “fairness doctrine.”

Less than 100 days before the November elections, the mainstream “news” media is desperately trying to prop up the Democrats and their Congressional majority so Barry can complete hope-n-change. But we know better.


One Response to “Journalists to Barack: ‘You have our undying devotion and complete obedience!’”

  1. Janis Says:

    Another good one, Mark. Your blogs are always on target and generally amusing. This one was perfect! My chuckle for the morning. Keep at it!

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