Barack: ‘The voters still love me and my policies, I just need to give a few more speeches!’

Tuesday’s midterm election were an unprecedented repudiation of President Barack ‘Holiday’ Obama and his Democrat pals.  Republicans won at least 60 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, installed at least six new U.S. Senators, and swept governorships and state houses in formerly blue states from New Mexico to Michigan to Pennsylvania.

Mark Kirk even won the Senate seat that Barry himself occupied for nearly three months before he decided that his vast legislative accomplishments clearly cried out for bigger responsibilities.

'I'm celebrating the midterms by going to India with Michelle and 3,000 of my closest aides!'

In response, a contrite and humbled President Obama faced the nation yesterday and apologized for his two years of reckless spending and relentless drive toward socialism that has brought the nation to the brink of fiscal collapse. Oh, wait: our Dear Leader actually said the election results show that he just needs to, you know, work a little closer with Republicans or something.

A trying-to-act chastened Barry met with a roomful of reporter-supporters, most of whom were completed devastated that their guy, the man they’d worked so hard to elect in 2008, had been repudiated like a Hasidic rabbi at a Taliban council.  Sure, the “reporters” were compelled to ask a couple of tough questions (example: “Mr. President, does this affect the sweet potato harvest in Michell’s garden?”).  But you could see on the faces of the New York Times, CBS, ABC and WashPo that this was tougher than telling the kids that the new puppy just got run over.

Siesta Keyster observation: has there every been a confirmed sighting of Barack Obama admitting he made a mistake or was wrong? Sure, Obama loves to “take responsibility,” by which he means people are just too stupid to realize how great he is or it’s all Bush’s fault.

So there was our Dear Leader saying, yep, he might consider a few “tweaks” to the nationalization of health care and the crippling of the banking system.   But we sure won’t be going backwards, he said, as in actually trying to reverse any of his disastrous programs no matter what the voters think.

U.S. Senator-elect Rand Paul of Tennessee: this guy will not compromise on his conservative principles

Now that the Democrats are politically hamstrung, the left predictably is talking about the need for “bi-partisanship” and “working together.”  Of course, this is Alinsky-speak for: “Conservatives, it’s time to compromise your principles.”

As if to prove who’s still in charge, our Prez this weekend departs on a little sightseeing trip to India. It’s a classic Obama as Louis XIV that by some accounts will cost the taxpayers $200 million per day.  He’s mustered 34 warships, a fleet of aircraft and 3,000 support people for the brief visit, including 17 vets to tend to Bo the Portuguese terrier and nine golf carts should Barry get the urge to “tee one up.”

Gov. elect Brown: 'It won't be easy but together with the legislature, we can jack up taxes and hire tens of thousands of new unionized government workers'

The good news for our Dear Leader is that there is still one state where he’ll always fit right in.  Yes, California stayed true to form, sending 92-year old Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown back to Sacramento to see how high he and the Dems can jerk tax rates.  Golden Staters also re-inflicted the least-intelligent U.S. Senator on the rest of us, sending Barbara Boxer back to Washington for another six years. People are still scratching their heads over California’s failure to formalize its tacit legalization of pot.

The Siesta Keyster has many loyal readers in California, true patriots to a person.  Those of us in Floridia would like to remind you that Florida, which has NO income tax and low real estate taxes, is open for biz.  Thanks to Obama and Barney Frank, we also have hundreds thousands of homes available at a fraction of what they cost before the Dems took over in 2006.  We look forward to seeing you in our delightfully red and still free state.


4 Responses to “Barack: ‘The voters still love me and my policies, I just need to give a few more speeches!’”

  1. Janis Says:

    Ah, yes, he continues to be an abomination!!!

  2. Bro Says:

    Another Keyster gem-basket of spot-on observations. Sadly, those of us in California with more than 3 marbles in our pouches are now outnumbered to the point where the lifeboats are being prepared. Although Mr. Brown and Ms. Boxer bring an awful lot of expertise to the table, it is not clear that their three card Monte skills with taxpayer dough is what the situation calls for at present. California cannot afford another Happy Meal, let alone several more years of their scheming with the state employee unions – but here we go. As a backup, we are looking online at several charming condos in Topeka, Kansas.

    • The Keyster Says:

      may we remind you that Florida this week elected both Marco Rubio and Col. Allen West (my new favorite politician) and we have plenty of Gulf-front housing available most suitable for a Chicken Emperor… plus, we’re only 2.5 hours by jet to NYC and DC. Your Keyster

      • El Gimpo Says:


        Believe me, this has all been duly noted. I am not sure how much longer we can hold out here in Cali. It feels like the Alamo and we are down to our last coonskin cap. But then it is always possible Mr. Moonbeam will provide free everything to everyone, and then we will mostdef stay and partake.


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