Michele Bachmann enters GOP race: the Siesta Keyster is there with full coverage

The race for the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent President Obama is heating up.  Since we published the third of our Special Reports: You Decide 2012, another contender has emerged and Texas Governor Rick Perry may be next to formally declare.

Meanwhile, BHO’s approval numbers keep sliding.  In the latest Siesta Keyster-Wall Street Journal-Marvel Comics poll, the percent of likely voters who think the “economy is on the right track” came in at .07%  (those responding in the affirmative were George Soros, Wassy Debraman Shultz and Sponge Bob). And a startling 121% of respondents said that Barack is doing either a “horrendous” or “putrid” job as president.

Can the news media prop up President Obama even as his poll number plummet?

In response, NBC Nightly News led off its broadcast with this story:
“A new poll out today shows that support for President Obama — the greatest president this nation has ever known — has declined just the teeniest wee bit, completely to be expected at this point of his glorious reign. But it’s only because slimebag Republicans keep lying about how everything like the economy is his fault. Every single expert in the world agrees that President Bush actually is responsible and President Obama is only trying to fix the mess Bush left him. Now that we’ve cleared that up, here’s a special report from Todd Chuck: Todd, I understand you’ve discovered that Sarah Palin has been found in possession of an SUV and, most shockingly, it’s American made…”

So let’s meet the first woman to join increasingly crowded GOP field that includes Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingivitus.

Michele Bachmann: the fiesty Minnesotan hopes to reverse the destructive policies of the Obama administration

Background: Three-term U.S. Representative from Minnesota; first woman to represent Minnesota in Congress; worked on a kibbutz in Israel after high school; law degrees from Oral Roberts and William & Mary Universities; she and husband Marcus have five children and have been foster parents to 23 other children; part owner of a dairy farm in Waumandee, Wisconsin
Strengths: On the correct side of virtually every issue including the national debt, energy, abortion, taxes, government regulations, deficit spending and ice fishing; fearless; loves to mix it up with the libs; the mention of her name sends the mainstream media into fits of rage and fury; Minnesota State Fair offers all-you-can-drink milk for .$25
Weaknesses: First name is mysteriously missing an “l”; White House doesn’t have enough bedrooms for all of her foster children; while a Minnesota state senator, failed to correct egregious error on state’s license plate (there are actually 11,842 lakes in Minnesota, not “10,000”)
Compared to Obama: 10^10^100 times better (exactly one googolplex)
Suggested campaign slogan: “Driving Chris, Katie, Keith, Brian, George and the rest of the media bonkers since 2006!”


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