An anxious nation ponders: who is the best GOP candidate to unseat Obama?

A few nights ago, while walking the Keyster pooch, the Keyster ran into one of our loyal readers.  As an activist conservative (always votes, attends candidate rallies and closely tracks issues), she was confused about which Republican she should be backing for prez.

Like most coherent people in America — except the “news” media, the majority of college professors and Warren Buffett (note to Warren: just send your extra money to the U.S. Treasury, no Congressional approval needed) — she is horrified at the thought of Barack Obama being reelected.

Flash mob or GOP presidential hopefuls? Who is best equipped to stop the decline of America under President Obama?

She wondered: is the Siesta Keyster going to officially endorse a candidate during the primaries?  How can she sort out who to back among the the sprawling GOP field that includes frontrunners Rick ‘Packin’ Perry, Glove Romney and Michele ‘Missing an L,’ as well as Paul Ron, the Pizzanator, Gingivitis, Sanatorium, T-Mac and Jon ‘McCain’ Huntsman.

As a respected site for fact-based journalism, the Siesta Keyster as a matter of policy does not back one candidate over another.  During our You Decide 2012 series, we’ve gone to great lengths to present data on which you may make your decision.  Each Republican candidate and incumbent Barack Obama (D: Golf Cart) has been extensively profiled.

'It's been a great summer, after a lot of work my short game is really coming together!'

Now, each individual must decide in his or her own heart:  Do I favor the continued demolition of America (Obama) or;  do I vote for a Republican who at some point did something really boneheaded, but probably will prevent us from becoming the United States of Pathetic Wards of that State.

There’s also the matter of the primaries.  Unless you  reside in Iowa or New Hampshire, by the time the GOP primary in your state rolls around, the field will be much more manageable.

In the Keyster’s home base of Florida, for example, the primary is not scheduled until January 31, 2012.  By then, many of the intriguing minor candidates will have dropped out due to corn-dog poisoning and the fact nobody can spell their names.  So here is the:

Siesta Keyster Official Pocket Guide to the 2012 Presidential Primary

  • Any Republican (yes, that even includes RINOed up Jon Huntsman) will be infinitely better than another four years of BHO
  • Take a walk at sunset and enjoy all that the Lord has created

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