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Happy Tax Day… now get ready to fork over the rest of your paycheck

April 15, 2010

From the worldview of the statists now running this country, April 15 is as joyous as Christmas, Rosh Hashanah and a birthday all wrapped into one glorious celebration. On this day, the few Americans that still have jobs, and make enough money to even pay taxes, must feed the beast that is the federal government.

'April 15th is my favorite holiday!'

No matter whether you wrote a check to the IRS today or you’re in line for a refund of your own money, you’d better enjoy April 15, 2010. Because the brutal truth is that your taxes are going up next year and, to quote Buzz Lightyear, “to infinity and beyond.”

“But what a minute Keyster,” you may be thinking. “Our Dear Leader campaigned on a pledge that if I wasn’t some greedy rich guy making over $250,000, my taxes ‘wouldn’t go up a dime.’ In fact, he said it so often I thought it was a Hare Krishna chant.”

Here’s the nastiness behind the spending orgy Barack, Barney, Nancy, Harry, Max and the Dems have engaged in the last 15 months: even if Barack taxed every productive person (known to Democrats as the rich) at 100% of their income (something he’s no doubt considering), it wouldn’t be enough to pay for the obscene excesses and new entitlements.

In addition to allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire at the end of this year — resulting in higher taxes for many income earners — Obamacare is packed with so many new taxes that even Hugo Chavez wants Barack to go slower on his march to socialism. After all, Hugo doesn’t want to lose his Guinness Book of World Records title as “Fastest Destroyer of a Capitalist Economy.”

Nancy to Barack: 'Can you believe they bought that line about no new taxes on the middle class!'

Out of the nearly 25 new taxes Obama has signed into law in Obamacare and other bills, at least 10 will nail middle income people. The new tax tally over the next 10 years will top $1 trillion, and this is the most most optimistic projection from that noted right-wing organization, ABC News. The actual figure will be much, much higher as the horrific impact of federally run healthcare plays out in 2014 and beyond.

And these clowns are just getting warmed up. They are going to get the national energy tax through the backdoor of the EPA rather than Congress. The “death tax” will be back with a vengeance in 2011, so if you want to leave a few things to the kiddies, you’ll want to croak before the clock strikes midnight on December 31 of this year.

But their fondest dream is a European-style value-added tax. Slapping a 20% tax at every step of production would ensure that America assumes parity with the the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) of Europe: where capitalism is permitted only to provide funding for social programs and generous pensions for government workers.

You will want to vote in November if there is any hope of derailing this train.


Learning to love ObamaCare: Keyster’s tips for surviving socialized medicine

March 25, 2010

Like much of America, the Keyster was likely clinically depressed this week following the imposition of ObamaCare by Barry-Harry-and-Nancy. I wandered around the house in a dirty t-shirt and boxers, nervously drinking coffee and crunching stale donuts, unable to face the daylight.

I avoided newspapers, talk radio and television. Frankly, I was afraid of what my reaction would be if I happened to glimpse a picture of Nancy and Dear Leader at a signing ceremony flanked by the “victims” of capitalism they haul around as props.

As Americans try to come to grips with ObamaCare, the Keyster offers advice for life under socialism

But thanks to several electro-shock therapy sessions, the Keyster is starting to make peace with ObamaCare. Sure, this country is being flushed down the tubes by Obama and his Congressional lefties determined to ruin the most prosperous and free nation the world has ever known. Yes, our children and grandchildren face a future about as promising as that of their North Korean counterparts (although the news media in North Korea is much more believable that in the U.S.).

Americans must prepare for a coming world of hurt under ObamaCare

However, there is a lot to love about ObamaCare. So in the spirit of “bi-partisanship” and “bringing us together” that President Obama has fostered, following are the Keyster’s tips for making peace with ObamaCare:

Don’t ever get sick or injured. Once the federal government takes full control in 2014, you don’t even want to think about needing medical care… unless you need to reload your Bart Stupak Planned Parenthood Gift Card that we’ll all receive from the feds. For all diseases including pneumonia and cancer, treat at home with ibuprofen. For injury including compound fractures and impalements, apply a Band Aid and drink lots of chicken broth.

Plan ahead. It’ll take an estimated 22 months to get an appointment for your annual Nancy Pelosi Wellness Check-Up, a thorough 45-second exam by a Class 4 Junior Physician’s Assistant trained by ACORN. So you’ll want to start calling now for your exam in 2013.

If you want decent medical care, get elected to Congress. The only people exempt from ObamaCare in the future will be those who “serve” in Congress or belong to the SEIU. You will want to establish your Political Action Committee as soon as possible. Start printing your “(Insert your name here) For Congress in 2012: I Hate America As Much as They Do!” bumper stickers.

Move. Yes, the United States under the Dems is on its way to joining Myanmar, Cuba, Venezuela, the People’s Republic of China and North Korea. However, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and the Czech Republic all are moving to fill the freedom void left by the United States. If you can swing it, emigrate now before the full impact of Obama’s rampant deficits are realized, resulting in a U.S. dollar that will only be suitable for wallpaper and other decorative uses.

Enjoying the ride down as ObamaCare becomes law of the land: ‘There’s a lot to like in being mediocre!’

March 20, 2010

The Keyster has little doubt that Barry-Harry-and-Nancy will cram through ObamaCare this weekend. Their shameless bribes, threats and backroom deals with our money will convince enough Dems that destroying the best health care system in the world is preferable to having Nancy Pelosi screeching at you.

'Sure, we're going to be a third-rate nation, but you'll get free check ups every five years!'

After all, a huge number of libs are going to be tossed out by the voters this November, so who would you rather face: angry constituents or the frozen face of Nancy every day for the rest of your political career?

And so President Obama will have his fondest wish: the framework for socialized medicine will be in place and all but impossible to overturn. Dear Leader will have achieved his goal of turning the U.S. into a mid-major, to borrow a term from NCAA basketball. From Duke to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with one stroke of the pen!

Yes, Barack still will have work to do to complete the job — the national energy tax, a VAT, turning 30 million illegal immigrants into Democrat voters, creating ever more federal agencies to regulate more and more of our lives, ‘greening’ the economy to name a few. But health care is the big enchilada, the queso grande, the hope-and-change that takes us from the top to the middle.

'You might have to wait a few years to see a doctor, but my legacy will be assured!'

This is why Barry is ignoring the Constitution and the 70 percent of Americans who hate ObamaCare to sneak through this monstrosity through Congress. Because once you socialize medicine, not only do you get control of another 20% of the economy, you have every single American relying on the federal government for a day-to-day necessity. Game over: the U.S. will slide down and join other former world leaders such as France, the U.K. and Spain who chose mediocrity over prosperity, government control over freedom.

Sure, the inevitable result will be sharply diminished medical care for Americans, higher unemployment, higher taxes, federal funding for abortion and a soaring national debt that will make Greece look like a model of fiscal restraint. But hey, Barack Obama will have sealed his legacy as, well, the Hugo Chavez of the U.S.!

The winners in this national disgrace, in addition to Barry-Harry-Nancy: the SEIU and the Chinese, who are now assured of world leadership. The losers: 310 million Americans (and every future generation) whose standard of living will inexorably decline.